Alice and woven straw hats

Max Ernst said : “a hat makes the man” and we would also say “…not only the man, but also the woman”. Marinetti wrote even a “Futurist Manifesto of the Italian hat”, exalting the economic convenience of the woven straw hat in general and of the boater in particular.

We do love hats in their several shapes, and we’re happy to advise the website of Alice Catena,, with her exhibition of handcrafted woven straw hats under the brand name Montegallo.
She is a young and resourceful woman who reassessed and – I would say – stylized with taste, hats that have a long tradition in the region Marche  and particularly in the Ferman area.
Decorated with pompons, peacocks’ feathers and rhinestone, hats smell of local wheat, but their shapes reminds me of Texan or Australian farms.

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