I’ve always been intrigued by the avant-garde Futurist movement, the “hitting hands” movement, an encouragement to get down to work, everything can be criticized, some kind of recycler (is there any similarity to…?).

Ivo Pannaggi foto (Copia)

I’ve always been fascinated by the early Twentieth century and I feel like an anarchist protester, those were the years of political unrest, a concentrate of turmoil also because of economic crisis and the subsequent World War I.

But I was surely surprised to find out that Ivo Pannaggi – a painter and architect, one of the artists in the second Futurist Manifesto and also in Bauhaus, born in Macerata – had built a house in Esanatoglia (Province of Macerata), i.e. Casa Zampini, whose rooms are the only futurist rooms that have been entirely kept in Italy up to now.

Unfortunately, this house is not available for visits. The Municipality of Esanatoglia, represented by Mr Bini, told me that the house is not in very good conditions and that “they are waiting for funds” but they don’t know when they will receive the necessary money for a renovation. That’s a pity, actually, since Guggenheim Museum in New York has just closed (in Sept. 2014) an exhibition on Italian Futurism with some works made by Pannaggi: among those works, there’s also the famous train represented in “Speeding Train” (1922), a sort of a lightning experience of senses over a canvas, that the painter experienced when he saw a rapid train from the shores of Porto Sant’Elpidio (Province of Fermo) one of the many towns that snail down the Adriatic Coast! In the end, Casa Zampini cannot be visited. It seems that papers, furnishing, plates, furniture, paintings, carpets are still there, waiting to be visited one day. I believe that the renovation of this house could be important for the incoming of tourists in this small town, don’t you agree?

Lorenza Cappanera
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