In Senigallia the exhibition of works by photographer Robert Doisneau


Who does not know the famous black-and-white picture named The Kiss, where a young couple is kissing in the busy streets of Paris? A work by French photographer Robert Doisneau, his art began and developed from industrial advertising photography and reached the highest peak when he was awarded with a Kodak Prize. He was photographer of stolen moments, small things and faces and children of French suburbs: at Palazzo del Duca, in the heart of the beautiful town of Senigallia in the region Marche, you can enjoy the exhibition with fifty of his works.

The exhibit

The exhibit is named “Robert Doisneau: le Temps Retrouvé” showing the work of the famous French photographer, in Senigallia at Palazzo del Duca. 50 pictures recall the work of an artist who was a pioneer in Street photography. The Municipality of Senigallia together with ONO arte contemporanea, the Atelier Robert Doisneau and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi arranged the exhibition which represents one of the most interesting and prestigious cultural events during the Summer 2018 in the region Marche. Senigallia is becoming the “city of photography”, as proved by this exposition. The exhibit is divided into themes in chronological order, including suburbs, children, love and war, so that the audience is able to trace the most prosperous years of the artist Doisneau, from 1940s to 1970s. The exhibit is open until September, 2 and during the Summer it will be closed on Mondays. Full price ticket is Euro 10, with special reduced prices.

The photographer

Robert Doisneau was born in Gentilly, a small French town in the region Ile de France, in 1912. After studying lythography and working at a craft workshop of a famous sculptor, Doisneau began working as an industrial advertising photographer for car factories. His true nature emerged on an early stage: he enrolled in the French Resitance, partnered with several anti-regime magazines and finally he started working on his own, in fact as independent photographer he was hired by Rapho photographic agency for the rest of his life. The typical footprint on his work is Street photography, whose main purpose is to tell the passion, the commitment and interaction inside a secluded although huge social environment that is the suburb. He enjoyed love, the greatest illusion he created in his life is actually The Kiss: it seems a stolen shot of two lovers kissing in the street, but it wasn’t. He approached two lovers to pose for his picture. He died in Montrouge in 1994, a southern Parisian suburb, a place that inspired the artist with many landscapes for his works.


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