Let’s take a break among the Castelli of Arcevia


The “CountryHouse Il Rustico” describes itself as the Agriturismo of congeniality and taste.

In fact, the location is lovely and the food is delicious so that it definitely inspires congeniality and encourages taste for the good things in life! This facility is located in an unconventional place, for anyone who wants to take a break from the “crazy crowd” and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, which is the countryside of the so-called area named Castelli of Arcevia, i.e. the area between Piticchio, Palazzo, San Pietro and Loretello. If you stay here for few days or even for few hours, it’s a joy for your eyes and for your soul.

The served dishes are plain and “divine” typical and traditional for the region Marche, here you discover tastes of the past in a place where time seems to stand still!


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