Travelling with pets: taking your dog on holiday

Tourists travelling in the region Marche are not unintentional travellers, they are well-aware about the high quality travelling experience they will find there, indeed.

There are many small and medium accommodation facilities that are able to satisfy tourists’ needs during their holiday, especially for those who are looking for relaxing situations, exceptional cuisine, stunning overviews, natural landscapes and cultural sights.
In the region Marche there’s also the opportunity to spend your holiday with your pets, no need to leave them alone during your travelling experience; pets are just like children, they own happyness for us grown-ups, some fresh air for our ever whatching out Egos on everyday life in general.
In the region Marche you can rent weekly farmhouses with swimming pools, surrounded by lovely kept parks by their international owners, who chose that place to live the largest part of the year (and maybe they were advised by for the renovation works) where dogs are welcome. There are also hosting facilities with grass and parks only 5 km far from the shores (


The people of the region Marche love their pets, it’s a natural vocation they have, maybe it’s because they live in an area where nature and landcsapes are at disposal and wide and probably this kind of people keep pets (cats or dogs) at home, in Italy 6 million people do so.

So you still don’t know where you can spend your weel-earned holiday? Do you want to enjoy seaside and countryside, all in one region? Pay a visit, everyone is welcome in the region Marche!


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